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or: Building Castles in the Air and Studying in the Reality

I feel like it's time for a little update.
1st I will tell you about my studies, our equipment and about what the studies are.
2nd I will tell you why it is not so great as it first seems to be.
I.) Well, I am at university now, but living at home again.

Means I have to stay in the train every morning and every evening for 1 - 2 hours. Yay. -_-
The subject I study is called KulturMedia Technologie (which is German for "CultureMedia Technology" - you see, German and English is sometimes quite similar) and it is kind of radio journalism, TV journalism and online journalism. Very practical.
Yap... it is in parts theory though. BUUUUT... we have really good technical equipment.
We have TASCAM recorders, film camaras (SONY EX3), photo cameras (really good ones by canon, but I can't remeber which ones) and on our computer in our semester's room there is Mac and Windows with ProTools (for audio cut), Photoshop (a quite good and new version), Premiere (for film cutting) and AfterEffects (which I cannot use becaus I don't know how). We also have an own radio studio, a greenscreen studio and a new studio in which is a wall for projecting some background on.
We have lectures about the technical stuff, about postproduction, about arts history, about phonetics, about journalism, about radio journalism and speech training.
For more (German) information check out this page:  

So far it sounds great, does it?
II.) In fact it is not. It is stressy. Ofcourse, most studies are stressy. But though... one day I had 11 (!) hours of lecture.
But the biggest point is it is really not the thing I wanted to do.
My dream was to go to UK or to US (if last New England) and to study at a drama academy. The point is the really good ones are really expencive.  Sadly... and ... even more sadly ... it is damn hard to get a place for studying there. Some have like 2000 - 5000 applicants every year and they only take 15 - 35 students. Help? I am not such a selfconvinced genius that I think I could make that happen!
And I don't know if my English is good enough to do this. In fact I think my English is much to bad for a drama academy in US or UK. I'd need to take English classes and do much of preparation stuff to have maybe a very little tiny chance.
VERY. LITTLE. TINY. And not really chance.
But it is what I really want to. Buuuut... I also don't have the money for. I really need a masterplan. A great masterplan. Aye.

Well. My mother told me this is 1st to expencive and 2nd to unsecure and 3rd she doesn't want me to leave Germany. -_-
Don't misunderstand me please (many people first do) I don't want to become a Hollywood star or something, I'd be glad to work at a little theatre because acting is kind of my passion. I had acting classes at school the last two years. I absolvated my A Level oral examination in this subject (we had to choose ONE).
I really cannot imagine to work as a journalis and I don't really like the journalistic parts of my studies - well, and it is the biggest.

I somehow have no talent for stuff like News Speaking and am alsways told i don't do this so well. But when we fake and interview I use to play the interview partners and everyone likes it.

But as exams we have to do News Speaking.
And exams will be soon. And I really suck in News Speaking.

And I have to write 10 pages of description of a very ugly old painting. Duh. Awfull job. -_-

Now I annoyed you long enough. Au revoire!

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Well... ehm... I am not really interresting.
Mhh. I started drawing when I was something like 10 and I am still doing it...
Well, I like Tolkien's Books, so I do really much Tolkien stuff... Well. There is really nothing interresting about me. However, if you have questions you may ask me... :P


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